ACTIVITIESRafting in Aoos and Voidomatis river, Monoraft, Canyoning, Hiking, Trekking κ.α.

In an environment Surrounded by nature, rivers, mountains, forests and there are countless dratiriotites seed to bother. Rafting, Rafting on the Aoos and Voidomatis, Monoraft, Canyoning, Hiking - Trekking etc.

The reception is 24 and the hotel staff can organize the participation of visitors in activities in the surrounding area, including hiking, rafting and other activities.


Rafting the rafting with inflatable boat, which put six to ten people. A professional instructor acting as guide in the boat. The rest do paddle and enjoy the downhill. The confrontation with the momentum of the water is hard and requires physical strength, dynamic movements and quick decisions. Essential is the knowledge bathing, physical and mental health. The body is in a state of alertness. Depending on the time downloading the river is easy or difficult.

Canoe - Kayak

Monoraft is rafting with seater or two-seater inflatable boat (monoraft), which has excellent stability and does not require special training. The monoraft is ideal for downhill routes of moderate difficulty. In any downhill a guardian, Guide river that takes care of the safety of the activity and the half-hour training before entering the river.


Hiking or trekking is walking on selected paths without technical difficulties, characterized by natural beauty and more often have a history, folklore or natural interest. There are hiking trails for everyone. From small walks that do not require special physical condition, to have climbed mountains for people with fitness and relevant experience. For example: Vikos - Drakolimni - Gorge Gamila - boidomatis - Smolikas - National Park Valia Calda - Single Orifice.


Canyoning using ropes. During the descent one passes through waterfalls and swim in ponds formed by streams crossing the gorge or down from heights up to 50 m rope (rappel). Canyoning can make all the appropriate canyon. Beginners, after a short training, experience to more easily canyons and there are routes where necessary relevant experience and fitness.

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